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related violence in eastern ukraine relaunching crackdown on defiant regions after ending a ten day truce we take a look at what's driving some women to join anti-government forces. before the palestinian teen abducted and killed in jerusalem violence and allegations of revenge as israel mourns the slaying of three teens a decade in the west bank. leader of jihadi militant group isis urging all muslims to go to iraq and syria to help secure a vast islamic state. and its three pm in moscow good to have you with us we begin in eastern ukraine where
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anti-government forces in the self-proclaimed people's republic say they want to negotiate a new ceasefire after he had ended the truce monday stepping up an assault on the rest of region at least four civilians killed residential areas coming under fire despite president poroshenko pledging not to target them here security camera footage from the city of severed onion skin the defiant lugansk region apparently showing an explosion caused by a mortar at a residential area army shelling continued overnight in the neighboring donetsk region. these pictures from slovyansk which has seen some of the most severe damage or russian woman reportedly killed there in the latest attack monday more pictures of ruin buildings emerging from this city in kramatorsk another target of a crackdown there's also renewed artillery fire locals say a school was pounded by shells this is what's left of it residents in besieged town subjected to attacks say they feel abandoned by. you have to miss it when those
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nibbled at the ready just the boys but if you look up what you did it and usually do not do this is easier but it isn't as much about this just goes out so you'll stumble what is it that you want to argue about is that must be good just look at the dude that. the thing is what is the venue it's what is the first thing you get by someone you still want to be it that you want the much you know how many women fleeing the car by a new string ukraine taking their children with them but others decide to stay and take up arms are he's ready for an ocean reports. that catalina is twenty one years old she's a trained medic with a passion for nature and painting. and she can assemble a cannot in seconds she says she's a good shot to. have you ever had to kill anyone that yes i have it wasn't self-defense it was them who approached not. catarina belongs to eastern ukraine self-defense forces she started on the frontline as
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a nurse but soon to go up on arms but the problem is that she sees the people she's fighting against as mia pools in a big again over some of those who are responsible they send young boys to kill us and die for them or whether they hide behind most of them are young calls because i have no choice and they're going to kill us. as a self-defense checkpoint outside lugansk catarina needs a lesson she's in charge here and then i missed a few days ago i went to a hairdresser and i saw a woman there a client she was looking at me with her eyes wide open it turned out i had forgotten to take my place off it happens. she sees no contradiction in her current status. this is what happens during wartime we don't even ask you they just come to your land i was just an ordinary woman i even could write well you learned catarina and a lesser a far from the only tell you in the studio we were in from ukraine's east and south
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by this charlie warded message for female fighters on the other side but you get it that this idiot have actually led to the thirty ninth my down women's battalion girls are either still doing this or you'll see sexist if you continue to seek information about our men your men will die here the paramilitary battalion the addressing lines for the new government and for nationality and it's still growing on them today then why john has arranged the modeling of the major censorship he has embraced the whole country and we have a bridge that is with all this what haven't we already and i think i'm going to have set off for dinner and look around and they need your help not. the out of this battalion is also an assistance to ukraine is huge defense minister. prices were going to. it was commonly level each of us waiting at the preserve their own dignity as i realized i would be seen as a nun to someone that is going to have
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a bit of a business. opportunity presented by the middle because it's the development of the firearm close. and those who wage and bucks on fuel costs amongst this ukrainian bank considers itself patriotic but some sees the two weeks as of tonight she ends . up looking. good. but the real conflict is being felt here and was growing numbers joining both sides every day some fear it's passing the point of no return. in eastern ukraine keep track of what's happening in eastern ukraine follow maria's twitter feed she's elegance right now one of the hubs of antigovernment out to rest ongoing the fighting and dire
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humanitarian situation driving thousand east ukraine from their homes log on to another city life without water and electricity the u.n. says around one hundred ten thousand fled to russia but the u.s. state department sees it differently. in this situation u.n. h.d.r.'s estimate of the number of people moving across the ukrainian border comes directly from russian government source is who suffice to say have not always been entirely accurate here and just a couple of points on this because i know there's been some question u.n.h.c.r. statement did not say that one hundred ten thousand refugees fled ukraine into russia what it said is that number of people had crossed the border at some point that could be to go visit their grandmother and come back. russian regions bordering ukraine and declared a state of emergency as they deal with the influx of refugees official say they have to accommodate thousands daily the russian migration service puts the total number of people fleeing violence in ukraine at four hundred thousand. clashes erupting in jerusalem where crowds demanded justice over the killing of
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a seventeen year old palestinian teen suspected of having he suspected of having been kidnapped and killed in revenge for the deaths of three jewish boys youngsters were abducted more than two weeks ago and found dead earlier this week in the west bank of israel blaming palestinian group hamas for the killings their deaths are caused a wide outcry in the international media. sense of anger in the sense that there will be some retaliation for these deaths is becoming increasingly apparent as promised to make our must pay for the three teenagers found dead on monday so there is a huge amount of grief the discovery the grim discovery of the three bodies of those israeli teenagers late yesterday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the three teenagers were murdered in cold blood by what he described as animals in a letter of condolence president obama described his feelings about the killing of the teens as an indescribable pain meanwhile though he's been silent about the pain of hundreds of palestinian families over their children's deaths which go largely
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unnoticed by the media those deaths are a fraction of those who lost their lives as the figures show more than fifteen hundred palestinian children killed and up to six thousand injured by the i.d.f. since two thousand meaning one palestinian child has been killed every three days activist mustafa barghouti says the international media has repeatedly hushed israel's deadly wrecker. the israeli army has been killing palestinians for. we are talking about thousands and thousands of palestinians would killed by the israeli army and tens of thousands of people would enjoy doing forty seven years of military rule completion even when we want to guys peaceful nonviolent protests there is a very odd immune response by shooting high velocity gun shots at young people which by the way in that incident and the israeli army if used to conduct. the investigation into the matter still to come an echo of u.s. exceptionalism a leader of the militant group isis urging muslims around the world to come to
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a newly declared islamic caliphate we took a look at why the conflict in the country might be the result of washington policy plus. a u.s. cyber security firm sounding the alarm over hundreds of western energy companies under sabotage threat we'll look at whether industrial espionage is opening up a new front law. as the media leave us so we leave the media. of the sea motions to the other party is it the. shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here we're not going to hear any right story extra headlines and time there's a reason they don't want you to know. now let's break the
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set. choose your language. of choice because we know if you're going to kill someone. choose the consensus you. choose to go to the great. choose the stories that if you. choose the access to. great high security prisons compared by activists the notorious guantanamo bay detention center is stirring debate in greece the bill slammed by critics is fascist will go to parliament thursday inmates have held a two week long hunger strike trying to draw the public's attention to their plight here's an extract from their emotional statement saying they're fighting to remain
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human instead of forgotten shadows earlier my colleague andrew farmer discussed the situation with artie's marina kosar a boat was just back from athens. it all started on the eighteenth of june and then every day after that more and more prisoners across the country joined in the hunger strike in total there were around four and a half thousand prisoners across the country who were starving themselves and they couldn't take it any longer which is why they stopped and i said that i will continue fighting for what they believe in and otherwise what are they fighting for they are against this bill which envisions a tightening of restructure of the country's penal code and also the creation of type c. crystal it seems across the country and they claim that this will be like montana mowbray so in general they're saying that the condition in prison is already wrong plus they don't want to see the creation of a new one which potentially could be worse so what's been the government's response to those arguments presumably believes that these things should go ahead yes and also we know that the country's main opposition party syriza tried to reason with
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and please consider in this bill and they asked them to hold off on it until they can get a chance to visit some of these prison facilities but that request was denied we actually managed to speak to one of the prisoners his face is covered in the voice was altered because i wanted to he asked us to protect his identity so let's listen to what he had to say about what life was like in these prisons you see you know to the green. prison inside a prison without any rights without any future prisoners who have completed one fifth of their sentences should be allowed to visit their family we live conditions my sitcom. there are no doctors here every illness they just give us ask there are prisoners here who have no money so nobody gives them anything to eat we find cockroaches in the prison food is disgusting it's better to eat nothing then. five prisoners live in a similar design now the same problem as the fact that prisons don't have money and
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i was there and then even though the government is saying the situation is improving in the country when you talk to people they believe that nothing is changing they don't see their lives. proven at all their marxism probably in athens every single day on various sessions she had as militant group isis now is seize control of the key border town in syria of all who come after pouring in reinforcements from iraq meanwhile this video emerged online apparently showing radicals parading tanks and military hardware in eastern syrian province of rock this shortly after the white house approved a half a billion dollar windfall for rebels in syria the plan met with a storm of condemnation saying the aid to the rebels would mean supporting america's enemy investigative journalist matt carr says it is unlikely iraq can remain a single country because of the chaos. i mean it is not just the nation of the syria isis has its origins in iraq itself in the resistance to the u.s. occupation when they would you have troops in iraq so cool so that was
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a view. of those groups have been defeated or at least neutralized that probably never really happened and isis has been in not just because it was out in syria but also by the incompetence or terrorism and corruption. in iraq so all these different voices are going to see to asia which is very probable that iraq could fragment into three state. the moment of the time being any i'm to i'm six areas that could overcome the division reading or up to shreds. leader of jihad as a militant group isis urges muslims worldwide to go to iraq and syria and join their battle for the recently declared islamic caliphate an audio message she vowed to lead the fight quote until rome is conquered this image went viral and social media allegedly revealing and mischa's plans of isis tour a drop pretty much the world map within five years as well as the middle east north africa and large areas of asia it's also bearing isis ambition to extend into
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europe president obama pledging additional troops be deployed in the area to ease the desperate battle with militants are he's a marine important i takes a look at washington's involvement in the region. all over the arab world america has left behind its military footprint but i believe america is exceptional in part because we have shown a willingness through the sacrifice of blood and treasure to stand up not only for our own narrow self-interest but for the interests of all america's exceptional armed forces have invaded afghanistan and iraq dropped bombs on libya pakistan and yemen and reportedly trained rebels fighting to overthrow the government in syria. directly leading to the insurgency in iraq where extremists have now declared their own caliphate down enough to just say that we are exceptional one way or the other the reason we can point to american exceptionalism is because we've done exceptional things and we do exceptional for it. we have to live up to that
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standard but time and time again washington's eagerness to involve itself in foreign conflicts has fueled sic tarion divisions creating an exceptionally dangerous circumstance the u.s. diplomacy unfortunately. has destroyed and made a mockery of the made you know what they have done in libya what they have done through you and continue to do it was done in iraq. and. it is all in something that. doesn't jive. except for the living and yet in each case washington has washed its hands of any responsibility the united states of america is not responsible for what happened in libya nor is it responsible for what is happening in iraq today in the absence of u.s. military action in iraq is warning that it could ask iran to carry out airstrikes
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against the hottest group isis that could throw a wrench into the works of american foreign policy potentially having to rely on an adversary to defeat a threat that washington itself is blamed for indirectly creating. marina portnoy r.t. . lot of us are part of alan cross talk i guess discuss the impact of neoconservative politics on the world and the middle east here's a preview. the neoconservatives have also been very successful in controlling the narratives of washington they succeed so for instance you have the catastrophe in iraq in the last decade but then the neoconservative narrative is that well yes the after great invasion very successful invasion there was a problem with the implementation of the occupation but then came the surge then came near a victory for instance the catastrophe in syria is now being blamed even though the
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u.s. side is supporting with working with the saudis and others helped create this problem in syria where these extremist became very powerful as rebel forces some of the isis group in the news or a front the the narrative is that if obama had only sent in more military support for the rebels earlier then it would have worked out fine. teenage gamers in china might be switching off their consuls are having to do push ups in a real life call of duty can learn about the country's new way to cure internet addiction on our website. see the moment a petrol station in the u.s. state of wisconsin took a direct hit from a tornado that and more a click away on our t.v. . your friend post a photo from a vacation you can't. comment different. your boss
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repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep. nora's. we post only what really matters. to your face but you speak. hundreds of major western energy firms coming under attack from industrial hackers who infecting pewters of oil and gas companies with knol war that could disrupt power supplies according to u.s. security firm semantic it released a report highlighting the danger compare comparing the new virus to the famous one stuxnet at which targeted iran's nuclear facilities in two thousand and ten similar ones include operation shady rat that attacked u.s. government systems several years ago and it's not the first time energy companies have been under threat saudi arabia's aramco was hacked in two thousand and twelve semantic says it's a growing trend most definitely as more and more information becomes available online or put on computers we are seeing
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a shift from the physical twenty spinach being conducted through the internet to computers we are definitely in in an in an age where every country around anybody organization and every person is able to leverage the internet in its own unique manner so you could mission stieg wanted to conduct espionage or an attack in another country. can most definitely utilize the internet to do so likewise person one person the organization on organization take a look now at some other stories making global headlines beginning in japan where clashes broke out between anti military protesters and police. arrest sparked by the cabinet decision to end a post world war two bad on collective self-defense resolution but expand your pens military role and allow overseas deployment the country's post-war constitution prohibits the use of force in international conflict. cargo plane crash into
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a commercial building in kenya's capital nairobi killing all four crew the incident happening near the city's busiest airport the plane reportedly flying low after takeoff and it struck an electrical pylon. car bomb exploded in a market in northeast nigeria killing at least fifty six officials say only twenty one can be identified the rest were too badly burned according to eyewitnesses the explosives were hidden under a load of charcoal and a large vehicle authorities are blaming extremist groups for the attack and. ongoing protests in solidarity with refugees outside a former berlin school turned violent police secured the area surrounding the building school had been barricaded off for a week as refugees fight for their right to stay in germany. brussels warning hungary it may need additional budget cuts to lower government debt never at the risk of reentering the european union's finance monitoring process after budapest
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hardly managed to keep its deficit within limits. takes a look at the country's path to stay afloat. had little hesitation when choosing a new car for a major german brand the car was manufactured in his home country if you want to buy maybe you have to pay for. it because of the registration because of the tax so if you buy hungary and from germany then. it will be cheaper . but it makes no difference i mean well that's right no. so if it's the same why pay more this logic may have driven several european car manufacturers to set up factories in hungary with an obviously cheaper labor force than in germany but the one that is just as skilled back in the days when hungary was part of the socialist block used to be one of the biggest car manufacturers in eastern europe when the
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country entered the european union most of its factories went bankrupt as their brightest was not needed. a decade europeans have decided to experience and are now producing their cars here. largely because of that and we're talking several hundred thousand units produced annually hungary is now experiencing the biggest industrial growth in a decade what would that mean the two thousand and four edu accession promise of a better living has been tapped a recent poll study suggested that seventy two percent of variance felt that economically they were doing better under communism i'm seventy two and thank god i have a good job because without it i wouldn't have survived with my pension unlike twenty five years ago when pensioners didn't have to work having the area as the living standards are now worse than ten years ago the households consumption is below. a girl level the investment is below ten years ago level three last hungry is a comic officials are happy to see improvement and say this is largely due to them
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finding their own ways to run the country no mr out but if that may be among the reasons why hunger is prime minister or a man does not get along with brussels are fighting a strong leadership that has unable to hungry to get out of this mess is something those politicians envy we want all the degrees of freedom that we can have understanding that being a member of a club like the european union has implications for for the for the policies that we can pursue but we're not in favor of. having to coordinate more policies than necessary. hungary's recovering economy is now facing a big task e.u. funding is predicted to slow even more in the next three years that's when it will be clear whether it has indeed found its own way but officials are already making no secret of it budapest is now looking eastwards to boost trade with russia and china. reporting from budapest in hungary. next as promised
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latest edition a pill a bell and cross talk stay with us here are here actually. gym is about seven years old it's one of the largest ten cities on the east coast of america and as you got about one hundred people here just because of economics the cost of housing in this area especially is very high and i believe as an american we have a right. to say about it or to possess public land until something is created that's my house you see back there live it send them to well good at least then spend in those in the dark. if we hadn't done that we wouldn't have been home i want to go stand we don't just help the you know people of density we don't anybody
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that needs help so tell your friend to just give us a normal take care of them or get a mistake on never going to get a sense that he incidentally in one thousand of them got a place to live once on monday i'll be out here with my dog. for it's probably the most complex and difficult human activity. but. oh mr. mock i think a phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. to kill a bunch of people you know don't know the one thing on the premises there are of us people. reading. this some of the
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shoots my brother in the leg not intentional. because it is because it was night times four in the morning even the best given the mesh shoulders. are going to make mistakes does this whole idea of brotherhood an author and an end end camaraderie in this sense it was in this context that has absolutely no place. as a new physician i swear to abide by the hippocratic oath. to the best of my ability and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody.
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or advise others to do so. i will never do harm to the. doctors of the doc's on to. put it under a bushel nominal i should be making news all the face time people moan. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. it. is a. tough. call
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. and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle the return and we venture of the neo cons as the middle east descends into a regional civil war and ukraine becomes a failed state washington's foreign policy neoconservatives are on the march the world is their playground. to cross-talk the neocon agenda i'm joined by my guest robert perry in washington he is an investigative reporter for the a.p. and newsweek who now edits the online news site consortium news dot com also in washington we have jim lobe he is the washington bureau chief for inter press service and director of a blog on us middle east policy called low blog dot com and in champaign we cross to francis boyle he is a professor of international law at the university of illinois college of law.


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